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Brake System
  • Caliper adaptors
  • Brembo Brake Kits
  • Custom caliper machine work
  • Caliper rebuilding / restoration
  • Cohline OEM hard line kits
  • Strut Modifications
  • Spindle raising w/reinforcements
  • Spindle de-cambering
  • Strut Restorations
  • Coil Over kits for  911 and 914
  • Adjusting Bump Steer assemblies
  • Strut Bars
  • 935 RSR Spring Plates
  • Suspension Bushings and Monoballs
  • Sway Bars
  • Professional advise on custom spring rates
    shock valving, and general car  setup.
  • Shock re-valving and shortening
  • Drop Links
  • Cohline OEM and custom oil lines
  • Oil tanks for 914-6
  • Custom 3-piece Fuchs :   16" or 17" diameter
  • Custom machine work
  • Mandrel bending
  • Billet  901 / 911 Intermediate Plates                      
  • 901 Dipsticks                                            
  • Tow Hooks
  • 911 R, RS, RSR  Hood and Deck Lid Hold Downs
  • Engine Accessories
  • Pre-owned Parts and Cars in Classified
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Porsche GT3/Rebel Adjustable Control Arm

This is a Porsche GT3 control arm with the RSR products adjustable caster thrust arm bushing and RSR products inner monoball
end installed.  This marriage of components provides a wide adjustable range of camber and caster with superior strength and
function.  Sold per each, 2 required to complete front or rear.
$585.00 Select
Rebel RSR Products Adjustable Caster Thrust Arm Bushing

Replaces the soft factory rubber bushing located in the front and rear control arms.  Eliminates unwanted change in caster angle
creating a more positive and predictable handling car.  Similar to the Porsche Motorsport cup bushing, this design provides an
easy to adjust wide range of caster angles.  2 are required to complete front of car, 2 are required to complete rear of car.

  • Precision close tolerance fit into control arms provides no play or slop
  • CNC machined from billet 6061 USA aluminum
  • Anodized gray
Rebel RSR Products Billet Adjustable Control Arm

Features all of the added benefits that the Porsche GT3 style control arm has listed above.  Furthermore, our Rebel arms are
precision machined from a solid piece of 6061 aluminum.  The ball joint is a super strong factory "lollipop" design that is
completely serviceable and adjustable for wear.  Teflon infused thermoplastic ball joint cage provides very long service life
compared to factory Porsche arms (which cannot be serviced).
Rebel RSR Products Control Arm Inner Monoball End

Designed to be used with Porsche GT3 style 2-piece adjustable control arms, Rebel RSR control arms, and some other after
market arms.  Replacing the factory rubber with this precision bearing ensures smooth suspension articulation with absolute
minimal deflection.  The monoball resists change in camber and caster angles keeping optimal tire to tarmac contact patch.  Easily
serviceable spherical bearing.  Available for cup and RSR control arms as well.

  • CNC machined from billet 6061 USA aluminum
  • Precision light press fit between bearing and housing bore
  • High quality oversize FK spherical bearing with teflon liner for extended service life
  • Stainless steel misalignment spacers
  • ARP studs, washers, and 12-point nuts for easy/proper tightening