Rebel S Racing (RSR) Products Front Bushing Set

Fits:  911 and 912 (69-89), all 930, 914

Rebel S Racing Product's front A-arm bushing set provides a semi-solid and super low friction design intended
for both street cars and fully dedicated track machines.  The maintenance free, replaceable bushing inserts are
guaranteed to last as long as you own your car.  Front and rear bushing housings are self-aligning to provide an
easy installation with a co-linear relationship for ideal A-arm and suspension function.  Zero deflection at
suspension pivot points will provide both street and race cars with optimal geometry.  Stainless steel inner races
combined with the super low friction coefficient of the bushing sleeves, allows the spring and shock to function
properly without having resistance from the old rubber bushings or undersized polyurethane types.  This
performance upgrade produces a more tunable, predictable, and comfortable front suspension.  Made in USA.

  • Extremely low coefficient of dynamic friction actually gets lower as more load is applied.  These bushings
    add rigidity to the front suspension during chassis flex as the A-arms play an integral role in keeping the
    front suspension tray from flexing.  Their friction coefficient provides zero binding, as dynamic loads
    increase the bushings become more slippery, this means less resistance and friction.   
  • Utilizes easily replaceable PTFE (Teflon) impregnated self lubricating thermoplastic polymer bushing liners.
  • Electro-polished stainless steel inner races.
  • Billet 6061 T6 CNC machined front and rear bushing housings.
  • Replaces factory stamped steel front and rear housings and rubber bushings.
  • Optional self-aligning spherical washers for housings provide co-linear operation.  These correct vertical
    misalignment of the system caused by damaged front suspension pan mounting points, making them
    recommended for a sure and easy install, but not absolutely necessary for every particular chassis.
  • Easy do-it-yourself installation with detailed instructions included.
  • Provides absolute minimal deflection of front control arm pivot points.
  • Guaranteed to last as long as you own your car!
  • Proprietary Rebel S Racing (RSR Products) design.
  • Sold in complete sets of 4 bushings (completes one car).  Also available in stealth black -photo-                
Sale Price:
Rebel S Racing (RSR) Products Superior Quality Adjustable Bump Steer Kit


Fits 911’s (69-89), all 930's, 914’s, and 912's equipped with Turbo Tie Rods.

  • Allows Tie Rods to be adjusted downward in extra precise 1/32” (1mm) increments,  taking advantage of
    a wider adjustment range than other kits on the market.
  • Utilizes one of the highest quality alloy steel spherical rod ends available.  Teflon/kevlar lined, full length
    body, and capable of 30 degrees misalignment, so there is no binding throughout suspension travel or
    when the car is raised off the ground.
  • 14mm “tapered fit” 12.9 grade central shaft wedges itself into the steering arm just like the factory   
    Porsche tie rod ends, providing superior strength where it is needed.  No drilling of the steering arm is
    required.  Beware of the "other" kits using inadequate 7/16" bolts.
  • Machined stainless steel spacers.
  • Castle nuts with cotter pins for safety and added confidence.
  • Full encapsulating weather/dust seals are an option with this kit to provide extra protection against the
    dirty driving conditions both under the car and behind the front wheels.
  • ***Required when using struts with raised spindles.

Individual Bump Steer Kit Accessories:

  • Full encapsulating weather boots provide ultimate protection, sold in pairs.

  • Also Available - Bump Steer Kit with Turbo Tie Rod Package -photo-

  • Lower double shear brackets (weld on) are optional for maximum strength.  The ultimate in bump steer
    packages.  This configuration is preferred by racers and those who have spindles raised above 28mm.  
    Includes 4 additional 7mm spacers for maximum adjustment. -photo-
Pictured with
Weather Boots
double-shear brackets
welded to strut
Rebel S Racing (RSR) Products 914 Rear Bushing Set

Fits:  914 rear trailing arms

With the overwhelming success and popularity of our 911 series bushings, we present this 914 rear trailing arm bushing
  • Super low coefficients of dynamic friction.
  • Utilizes modern technology, Thermoplastic PTFE (Teflon) impregnated self lubricating polymer bushing liners.
  • Replaces factory rubber bushings.
  • Precision shim pack is included for ease of installation and optimal alignment.
  • Installation instructions included.
  • Provides absolute minimal deflection of rear trailing arm pivot points.
  • Holds rear toe settings in place under load
  • Guaranteed to last as long as you own your car!
  • Proprietary Rebel S Racing (RSR Products) design.
  • Sold in complete sets of 4 bushings (completes one car).
Rebel S Racing (RSR) Bilstein and Koni Strut Modification Services

To learn more about raising spindles click here!

For 911's (69-89) and all 930's, 914's, 912's (equipped with Bilstein or Koni struts)

We specialize in many different combinations of Bilstein and Koni strut modifications.  From raising spindles to
complete coil-over modifications we've got you covered.  Our services are professionally done in house and can
be specific to "your" struts.  We can provide the cores you need from our stock if necessary.  Turnaround time is
about one week.

Services Offered: (Prices are for core strut pairs provided by the customer).

  • Raise spindles to your specs, re-weld, weld on strengthening gussets, with restoration.  
This is our most common service!!!      $295/pair

  • De-Camber spindles 1, 1.5, or 2 degrees. Puts additional negative camber into spindles, eliminating the
    need for costly de-cambering devices.  Ideal for coil over struts.  Only done in conjunction with spindle
    modification listed above.           $250/pair

Rebel S Racing (RSR) Products Front Coil Over Kit

For all 911, 930, 912, 914 with Bilstein front strut housings

  • Can be used to replace torsion bars or work with them.
  • Everything needed to convert Bilstein strut housings to coil over.
  • Allows ride height to be adjusted with ease.
  • 2.25" ID Coil springs allow for spring rates greater than what is available in torsion bar sizes.
  • Progressive or Tender/Main spring combinations can be used resulting in a modern comfortable yet very
    well handling ride.
  • Upper spring hat features our proprietary design sealed thrust bearing which proves to be the cleanest
    solution in steering/spring rotation.  Allows for maximum camber adjustments to be made.
  • Square threaded design is stronger and more resistant to dings, dirt, and binding associated with the
    traditional Bilstein rsr struts.  Square threads actually lock the spring perch in place under load, this is
    backed up by a nylon tipped set screw for extra security.
  • Shortened seal caps allow for 19mm more suspension travel.
  • All components are anodized for great durability and appearance.
  • We can supply the Bilstein cores if you dont already have them!

(kit includes: (2)T6-6061 square threaded tubes, (2)upper spring hats with sealed thrust bearings, (2)adj. lower
spring perches, (2)weld on rings, (2)shortened seal caps with new seals installed.
(can also be purchased as a "do it yourself" kit)
-photo here-

Individual Accessories (can also be used on factory threaded body RSR struts):

  • Spring Spacers -separates and centers tender / helper to main spring (sold in pairs)  -photo here-

  • RSR Proprietary Spring hats with sealed thrust bearings for all 2.25" ID spring applications (Timken thrust
    bearings).  (Sold in pairs) Note* these are included in the RSR front coil over kit listed above. -photo here-

  • RSR Brake Line Supports - Stainless steel clamp secures support to strut housing and provides sturdy
    mounting of brake flex line to hard line junction.  Highly recommended for use on coil over struts. -photo
Rebel S Racing (RSR) Products 914 Rear Coil Over Kit

For all 914

  • Gives quick and easy infinite ride height adjustment to Bilstein or Koni rear shocks.
  • Ideal for proper corner balancing setup.
  • Progressive or Tender/Main spring combinations can be used resulting in a modern comfortable yet very
    well handling ride.
  • Square threaded design is stronger than traditional threads and actually locks the spring perch in place
    under load, this is backed up by a nylon tipped set screw for extra security.
  • Utilizes lightweight 2.25" ID springs to reduce overall weight compared to heavier stock 914 rear springs.  
    Spring perch adapters are optional for use with 2.5" ID springs.
  • All components are anodized for great durability and appearance.
  • Complete kit for both sides.  Springs and shocks sold separately.
  • Available with new Bilstein "Sport" shocks and springs.

914 Rear Coil Over Kit.
(kit includes: T6-6061square threaded sleeves, upper spring hats, adj. lower spring perches, and additional flat
washers.)  Spring pairs are an additional option.

914 Rear Coil Over Kit w/ Bilstein Sport Shocks Included.
(everything in the kit above installed on a pair of Bilstein 914 sport shocks, ready to bolt in! Custom valving is also
available.  Spring pairs are an additional option.


Spring Perch Adapters 2.25" to 2.5"
Allows for the use of 2.5" ID springs on the standard 2.25" ID spring perches.  Sold as a four piece kit and
completes one pair of shocks or one coil over kit.  These will work on all of our RSR coil over kits but most popular
for the 914 since they have much more room to accommodate the larger 2.5" springs.  The 2.5" ID springs suit
the 914 very well, being available in lighter spring rates (less than 200 lbs/in) often complimenting the 914 owner
that wants to maintain street comfort while adding a significant performance gain.
We stock a full line of Eibach (ERS), H&R, and Hyperco springs to complement our coil
over kits.  Please feel free to give us a call and let us assist your needs.  $140/pair

Lowering spring kits available for all Porsche models.
Eibach Helper Spring Pair
Eibach Racing Springs (ERS) 2.25" ID
Select Rate
Adjustable Hollow Sway Bars (22mm and 19mm effective rates available)

  • The light-weight hollow sway bars are half the weight of a 22mm solid bar with the same stiffness.  They are
    fabricated from aircraft-quality 4130 chrome moly alloy steel and heat treated to maximize strength and reliability.
  • Bearing blocks, drop links, and swaybar arms are CNC machined from aircraft-quality 6061-T6 aluminum for its high
    strength/weight ratio.
  • Fully adjustable front and rear drop links to eliminate suspension pre-load.
  • Correctly sized, precision, Teflon-lined rod-ends for long life, smooth operation, and high reliability.
  • All necessary hardware is provided in zinc plated metric class 8.8
  • Thermoplastic bushings impregnated with Teflon and reinforced with Kevlar provide smooth operation, long life, and
    high resistance to deflecting under heavy loading.
  • All components are designed and manufactured to the highest quality standards, resulting in the finest and most
    reliable sway bar on the market.
  • 22mm rate ships as standard, 19mm rate must be requested upon ordering.

-Front Swaybar Assy., 65-89 911/912/930/914  $495

  • Nut Plate Adaptor Kit (pr), Front Swaybar (required on 74-89 911) photo $30
  • U-Bracket Adaptor (Weld On), Front Swaybar (required on 74-89 911) photo $15
  • under Super Strong rear Swaybar Mounting Bracket for 911,930,912. These 4130 crome moly castings are
    moderatphoto  $90
RSR Replica Front Swaybar Assembly

Fits (65-89) 911/912/914/930

First production run is finished, and we are just starting production on our new RSR replica swaybars.  They are the
perfect combination of a vintage RSR looking design, combined with all the proven modern technology of our standard
911 swaybars.  The arms are copies of the real RSR arms, but redesigned to fit onto our light weight hollow 4130 chrome
moly 22mm swaybar.  We've even managed to design in additional adjustability over the origional RSR design.  The front
and rear drop links are also similar looking to the real RSR design, except with larger and more robust Teflon lined rod
ends.  All the aluminum parts are made from 6061-T6 aluminum, and are hard anodized gray in color, for corrosion
resistance and a more period correct look.  Now in production, we are still taking orders at a reduced price.  Reserve
yours now before the price goes up.
Self Locating Sway Bar Speed Nuts
Self locating nuts are specifically designed for the sway bars listed above as an additional option.  Precision machined
from 6061 T6 aluminum and hard anodized for exceptional durability.  These alloy you to adjust the sway bar more easily
and quickly with only one single wrench on the outer and most convenient bolt head.  The slotted sway bar design
contours these speed nuts perfectly which provides smooth adjustment and an anti slip clamping surface when tightened.
Select $32.00
Monoball Upper Strut Mounts  

Fits: (66-89) 911/912/914/930
  • Replaces the compliant factory rubber bushing with a precision Teflon-lined spherical bearing.
light weight, and a perfect match to the factory mounting surface.
  • Increases front suspension rigidity for quicker steering response and better handling.
  • Offset mounting holes, the narrower housing, and a smaller bearing boss all allow for more camber adjustment than
    any other strut mount on the market.
  • Reduces front wheel camber changes during hard cornering to maintain optimum tire contact for improved traction.
  • Fully compatible with coil over or torsion bar front suspensions.
930 Turbo Tie Rods (OEM)

Fits 911's from (69-89), All 930's, 914's and 912's.

Genuine Porsche OEM Lemforder Turbo Tie Rods are an essential upgrade for improving steering quality and sensitivity
on you 911 or 914.  The spherical inner joints replace the spongy rubber from the standard tie rods giving a much more
positive and predictable steering feel.   If you don't have these already, put them first on the upgrade list.  Don't settle for
anything less than Porsche Original Equipment Lemforder or you'll be replacing them with these later.  ***Beware of the
cheaper Chinese "German quality" ones available that will not last.
Sealed Front Monoball Cartridges

Fits 911's (65-89), all 930, 912, and 914

  • Includes specialized tools and detailed instructions to allow a simple and quick installation.
  • Front sealed monoballs of superior construction designed to replace factory rubber upper strut bushings.  In many
    cases these bushings are worn out and cracked after 20+ years of wear and tear, greatly compromising the
    performance of the car and alignment settings.
  • Provides smooth articulation of front strut with zero deflection under cornering loads.
  • Cadmium-plated.
  • Comes with high quality internal spherical bearings.  (not made in china like in other kits)
  • Another new feature on both front and rear monoballs: each monoball bearing is sealed on both sides with a
    rubber gasket to prevent premature wear due to moisture or dirt contamination, ensuring a long track or street life.
  • Rebuild kits available to provide lifetime product support.
RSR Semi-Solid Upper Strut Mounts

Fits 911's (65-89), all 930, 912, and 914

  • Perfect for replacing those worn out stock rubber mounts!  One time fix and easy to install!
  • Made from a solid poly-graphite compound, our strut mounts assure minimal deflection of the upper strut mounting
    point during hard cornering and provide enough vibration absorption for a street car.  
  • Work perfect with our coil over kits.  These are the perfect compromise for street and track performance.  
  • Great alternative to costly monoball kits.  
  • Kit includes both sides for complete install on one car.
SPEC Front Monoball Cartridges

Fits 911's (65-89), all 930, 912, and 914

  • Designed to replace factory rubber in stock front camber plates.
  • CNC machined to precision tollerances.
  • Anodized and plated for great durability and protection.
  • Utilizes FK spherical bearings (made in the USA) for long lasting performance.
  • Provides smooth movement with no deflection of upper strut/shock attachment.
  • Simple installation into stock camber plate housings.
  • Sold in pairs, housings manufactured by SPEC Performance Aus.
Sale Price:
Rebel S Racing (RSR) Products 935 Front Suspension

Fits:  (69-89) 911, 930, 912, 914

Designed with inspiration from the many (yet varying in configuration) successful 935's of the late 70's and early 80's.  The
dominant 935 proudly engraved itself within motorsports history while showing that it's rear engine powerplant and 911
chassis could carry the inevitable progression to a whole new level.  Our modern version of the 935 front suspension
incorporates many of the intricate details that were adapted in the later years of 935 chassis transformation.  Although it
doesn't resemble a 70's or 80's unit, we did our best to provide a stronger and sexier looking system to compliment our line
of products.  As a result, this version of the 935 front suspension comes with it advantages.  The control arm pivot points
have been relocated 30mm towards the center of the car and raised 8mm, improving the camber curve while decreasing
the need for drastically raised spindles and severe bump steer correction.

  • Light weight machined billet aluminum crossmember, anodized in our signature dark gray color.
  • 4130 alloy steel control arms TIG welded to 4130 alloy steel bearing housings and gusseted for superior strength.
  • Factory style lollipop ball joint with 5 axis machined grease grooves and grease feeding holes.
  • Wear adjustable and sealed ball joints with Zerk fittings for easy lubrication.
  • 4130 alloy steel adjustable lower caster links provide more than optimum thread engagement at each end.
  • FK alloy steel heim joints with Teflon liners at all 4 chassis pivot points.
  • Sway bar U-tabs TIG welded to the control arms for use with through body front sway bars.
  • Stainless steel high misalignment spacers are mated to each of the 4 heim joints.
  • Double shear caster link attachment at both ends, with double shear control arm brackets available as an option.
Select $1,750.00
Sway-A-Way Torsion bars are high quality bars manufactured for improved, more consistent racing.  Exacting
tolerances, heat treated, ground to size, and powder coated for superior protection.  The spline length on the ends has
been increased to strengthen the coupling at each end.  These heavy duty torsion bars are designed to increase spring
rate, reduce suspension bottom out, increase roll stiffness, reduce weight transfer and body roll, improve ride, handling,
and cornering ability.  Available in both tubular and solid.  Sold in pairs.

  • Front T-bars SOLID sizes available: 21,22, 23mm
(Fits: All 911, 930, 912, 914-6) $255

  • Front T-bars HOLLOW effective rate: 21,22, 23mm   
(Fits: All 911, 930, 912, 914-6) $310

  • Rear T-bars SOLID sizes available: 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31mm
(Fits: 911 65-86, 911 Turbo up to 88, and 912) $275

  • Rear T-bars HOLLOW effective rate: 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 33mm
(Fits: 911 65-86, 911 Turbo up to 88, and 912) $350
Rebel S Racing (RSR Products) Boxter to 911 Front Caliper Adaptor Kit

This complete kit adapts Brembo/Porsche 4 piston standard Boxter (non S) calipers to 911 front struts (69-89)
with 3.5" bolt spacing.  The kit includes DOT approved stainless steel braided brake lines and proper banjo bolts,
adaptors, and all hardware required.  Kit requires Porsche Boxter calipers and "Carrera" (1984-1989) rotors.

  • CNC machined
  • Anodized for great durability
  • High quality metric hardware included
  • DOT stainless steel braided lines included with grommets and banjo bolts
  • Allows upgrade to 24mm wide "Carrera" rotors for improved heat dissipation and minimal brake fade.
  • We can provide the calipers (new or used) and high quality German made rotors if you need them.
Rebel S Racing (RSR Products) Boxter Front Caliper Kit with Boxter Calipers

Includes all the components of our Boxter front caliper adaptor kit (listed above) but comes with a pair of new
OEM Brembo / Porsche Boxter front calipers.  This is an affordable lightweight front brake upgrade that
provides a significant amount of stopping power over the stock Ate configuration.  Very popular among spec
911, PCA, and POC racing classes.
Rebel S Racing (RSR Products) 996/Boxter S to 911 Front Caliper Adaptor Kit w/ Rotors

This complete kit adapts Brembo/Porsche 4 piston 996 or Boxter S calipers to 911 front struts and hubs (69-89)
with 3.5" bolt spacing.  Kit includes DOT approved stainless steel braided brake lines, proper banjo bolts,
adaptors, all mounting hardware, and rotors with aluminum hats.  Kit requires only a pair of 996 or Boxter S
calipers to complete the conversion.

  • CNC machined adaptors, rotors, and rotor hats
  • Anodized for great durability
  • High quality metric hardware included
  • DOT stainless steel braided lines with grommets and banjo bolts
  • Rotor size is 28mm wide and 318mm in diameter
  • Rotors are directionally vaned (right and left side specific) for optimum air flow and cooling.  Also featuring
    a modern GT3 slotted design that efficiently releases the gases under extreme braking, while eliminating
    cracking that is often seen on many cross drilled rotors
  • Inexpensive rotor replacement costs (rotor hats are reusable)
  • Fits under 16" diameter wheels with 12mm (1/2") wheel spacers
$375.00 RSR Rotor Replacement (pair) For 996/BosterS to 911 Kit (listed above)
Brembo Aluminum Calipers w/ 3.0" Bolt Spacing

These are the very rare Brembo aluminum calipers with 3.0 inch bolt spacing and 48mm pistons.  Essentially
these are an "S" caliper with the smaller 3.0 inch bolt spacing.  Direct bolt on for 356 front (w/ disc brakes), 65-77
911 front/rear, 78-89 911 rear w/ 20mm wide rotors, and 914 front/rear.  Completely refurbished with new pistons,
seals, and bleeders.  Sold in pairs (right and left side), pad springs and pins included.  Weight is 4 lbs. each.  
Please specify for solid or vented rotors when ordering.  Extremely popular for rear spec 911 racing applications
when used with Boxter front conversions listed above.  Rotor discs are available as an option.  All 356, 911/912
(65-68) rotors are solid.  911 (69-89) rotors are vented, cross drilled, and have directional spiraled vanes (left
and right specific).  All rotors offered below are high quality German made, sold in pairs.
911R, 911T/R, 906, 914-6 GT Rain Shields

Exact reproductions of the original units!  The 911 style has one flat top shield and one bent top shield to clear the
decklid on the passenger side.  914-6 style has flat topped shields on both sides.  For use on Weber, Zenith, and
PMO carbs.  Powder coated satin black, sold in pairs.   
Rear Trunk Latch Spring Seat for all 914's

CNC Machined from aircraft grade 6061 aluminum and hard anodized gray so it can withstand the constant abuse
of opening and closing the rear lid.  Replaces the stock plastic part that becomes brittle over time and eventually
breaks apart into pieces.
Many of our 911 series products also crossover to the 914 chassis depending upon your front struts and suspension
setup.  Some of the interior and exterior products offered can be used on the 914 as well.  Please look at our
navigation bar on the products and services page to see all that we offer.  If you need any other specific products or
OEM parts we can most likely source them for you at a competitive price.