Front Pair - $40
Rear Pair - $40
911R Tail Light Assemblies

These extremely light tail lights were used exclusively on the lightweight factory 67 911 R.  Only 20 of those
cars were ever made by the Porsche factory.  Our reproductions include top quality fiberglass housings and
period correct Hella light fixtures.  Sold as a pair and includes all 6 bulbs needed.
Tow Hooks / Tie Downs

Front tow hooks bolt to suspension pivot point - the front of the a-arm. The tow hooks are bolted down by the
same three large bolts that secure the front a-arm to the unibody, and they've been specifically designed as
skid plates.  Heavy/duty front tow hooks attach to the strongest, forward most point of the 911's front that will
keep your 911 protected when traversing steep driveways or speed bumps. Made of stainless and powder
coated red, so they are easily visible to tow truck operators. Installation of tow hooks will not affect alignment
settings. All new hardware is included with kit.  Sold in pairs.  Picture top left.
Rear tie-down brackets complement the front tow hooks. Also made of steel and powder coated red
or stainless steel unpainted. The rear brackets are bolted securely between the shock absorber
and trailing arm and provides a perfect tie-down or tow point that prevents a tow operator from
damaging your car's alignment, brake lines, or emergency brake cables due to poor tow point
selection.  A real necessity if you ever trailer your car!  Sold in pairs.
Rear Trunk Latch Spring Seat for all 914's

CNC Machined from aircraft grade 6061 aluminum and hard anodized gray so it can withstand the
constant abuse of opening and closing the rear lid.  Replaces the stock plastic part that becomes
brittle over time and eventually breaks apart into pieces.
RSR, RS, and R Hold Down Straps

Rubber hold down straps eliminate the need for heavier steel latches
and were used on many factory race cars.  A period correct addition
that functions as well as it looks.  Front and rear
available.                        All stainless steel and rubber construction so
they will not rust!
Safety Race Decal Set

This is a 34 piece vinyl decal kit to fulfill the requirements of race regulations enforced by many
race class governing bodies. This kit includes:

(8) Jack Point Decals
(12) Tow Decals
(4) Turn This Way decals
(2) Battery Disconnect Decals
(4) Neutral Safety Stickers
Retractable Tow Hooks

Fits 74-89 911 and 930 with fiberglass bumpers

A majority of newer factory built race cars feature retractable tow hooks, and now we have a tow
hook for your custom race car that offers the same advantages. Made from powder-coated steel
with a spring-loaded retractable hook and comes with (2) tow stickersThese retractable tow hooks
are available as “bolt on” units for any corner of your 1974-1989 911, 930, 912 with fiberglass
bumpers.  These can be used in custom applications as well.  For front picture
-click here-
RSR Front Oil Cooler Air Deflection Pan

A stamped and fabricated replica of the 1974 RSR and IROC RSR front air deflection duct.  This
sheet metal piece welds into the front trunk right behind the bumper.  It smoothly deflects air from
the front bumper mounted oil cooler under the car instead of at the vertical wall created by the
stock sheet metal.  Greatly decreases oil temperature as it makes the front oil cooler more
Lightweight 911R RSR Exterior Door Handles - Plastic

Beautiful plastic recreations of the 911R exterior door handles.  Super lightweight design weighs in at .2lbs or
3.2oz (pair).  Strong plastic construction that can be used as is, with a simple spring loaded push button door
opening release.  Or these can be used with the stock door lock cylinders and key to provide the locking
capabilities if desired.  Sold as a pair, factory front and rear rubber seals to mount against doors are
included.  Locking cylinders with key are not included.
Carbon Fiber Center Reflector

Fits:  74-89 911, 912, and 930

Replacing the stock reflector panel that is usually cracked, worn, or faded can bring new life and
attitude to your ride be it a 911 or 930. Designed with the identical specifications as the original
reflector, this piece will fill the void just like the old reflector did, although lighter and better looking.
Weather you're modifying your 930, stock SC/Carera or a Martini RSR tribute - the carbon fiber or
red kevlar reflector replacement panel can fit your project and give you something unique. The
quality is unsurpassed being manufactured by an industrial professional who does high end
carbon and fiberglass work, ensuring you get the best product that we can make.  This
replacement panel is constructed using the vacuum bag method to ensure consistency in
delivering a quality product.  *Red Kevlar available upon request.

This modification is reversible, quick, easy and almost effortless when it comes to mounting. Not
everything on these cars should take all day to do.

The PORSCHE script is available in standard black or reflective black vinyl which illuminates under
headlights or flashes and remains black in the sun or direct light unless at the perfect angle
(shown in the bottom picture at that angle and 2nd pic w/ a flash). The result is a whisper of the
marquee that we love to much without the "in your face" billboard not all of us are in love with.
Adding a bit of a sleeper touch to any car, this panel fits all 911's and 930's from 1975-89.
Rebel S Racing (RSR) Products Carousel License Panel

Fits:  66-73 911, 912, and pre-74 style rear bumpers

Available as an early Porsche dealer option (circa 1967) this unique rear panel gives a distinctive
touch and style to the pre-74 rear bumper.  With a recessed license plate moulding, the Carousel
panel extends the curved and flowing lines of the body and decklid.  Excellent look, especially
when combined with a duck tail.  Our panel is an exact replica of the original dealer option that
became available in 1967.  Hand laid fiberglass construction with black gelcoat finish.  Weighs 2.3
lbs.  Every edge was extended 0.5 inches from the original mold so you can easily trim it to fit your
car, without having to add any additional material.

Rebel S Racing (RSR) Products Front Bumper Screen Insert

Fits:  RS and RSR front oil cooler opening

Stainless steel construction with circular perforations.  Allows for air to be forced through front oil
cooler, while preventing damage caused by rocks and debris.

RSR A Pillar Winglet Fairings
Fits:  65-98 911, 912, 930, 964, 993

Carbon fiber A-pillar fairings are designed to provide a smooth transition from the front
windshield frame to the frontal facing rain gutter.  Significantly reducing aerodynamic
drag at higher speeds because the rain gutter (without fairings) creates a major point of
air flow turbulence.  These have been proven to increase top speeds by 5-6 MPH and
were historically used by 935's as well as the Ruf CTR and BTR.  More current
applications include club racers, enthusiasts, and those who appreciate every advantage.