Rebel S Racing Products - "RSR Products"

Here at Rebel Racing Products we specialize in engineering performance and race
components for Porsche automobiles.  Whether it is on the street or the track, our goal is to
manufacture superior products that will significantly enhance the capabilities of your Porsche.

All of our products are proudly manufactured in-house using the highest quality of materials.  
Safety is our top priority so each product is extensively tested before it is offered to the public.  
We take pride in designing components that will last the lifetime of your Porsche and will
provide you optimal performance under harsh racing conditions.

In addition, every product is backed up by our 30-day money back guarantee.  If for some
reason you are not satisfied with the quality of our products, please send them back and we
will gladly refund your money.

Working on and growing up around Porsches has been the greatest honor and passion in my
life.  Thank you for visiting our site!  
Clint Smith - CEO
1973 RSR.  Modified front
Bilstein struts w/ double adj.
inserts, bump steer kit, 935
spring plates, and inverted
double adj. rear shocks
Some of Our Customer's Cars
If you are a customer and would like your car featured here please send a picture to:
Rebel S Racing © 2009 - CTS/KGBDesign
Juan's 935 in Puerto Rico
1968 911 T/R
AMS built 930 MONSTER
Doug's RSR clone
Jim's 1973 RSR vintage HSR VARA race car
Peter's RSR - first race in the
new car and hes on the podium!
Russ and Linda's RSR clone.  Or
should we say Linda and Russ :)
Rebel S Racing proudly sponsors & supports these organizations:
A customer of ours from Pittsburgh proudly had
his car painted in this lithograph to memorize a
great event where three local brothers raced
Porsches together.  Lithographs are for sale
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