We are a full Cohline (OEM Porsche) distributor and have the
ability to manufacture standard OEM lines or custom lines to suit
your one-off projects.  All Oil, Fuel, and Brake system lines can
be made.  Many different style fittings and hoses are available to
suit your needs.  Please inquire about this service.
RSR Style Stainless Steel Engine Mount Cross-bar

RSR style engine support replaces stock component which was made out of mild steel. The engine
mount cross-bar can be left in its original brushed stainless steel finish or painted the color of your
choice. Engine removal is not necessary for installation. NOTE: This is a new design that now features
top and bottom flanges replicating the factory RSR race cars as well as fully tig welded and gusseted end
supports.  Fits: 74-89 911 series.
Stainless Steel Alternator Strap

Fits:  74-89 911 930

On most older 911's, the cadmium-plated alternator housing strap has become dull or corroded. This
brushed stainless steel perforated strap can be left as is or painted the color of your choice, and its
unique 3 piece design makes installation easy to accomplish without touching the distributor. Comes with
stainless steel hardware.
Rebel S Racing (RSR Products) Semi-Solid Engine / Trans Mounts

Fits:  -Engine mounts on 65-89 911, all 930
-915 and G50 Transmission mounts 72-89 911, 912E

Manufactured from a modern high performance and high temperature polyurethane, making these
semi-solid engine mounts the perfect compromise between stock rubber and solid mounts.  The rigid
polyurethane construction makes them ideal for performance oriented cars but still allows absorption of
harmful vibrations and noise associated with solid mounts. Installs in stock motor mount hangers
replacing worn out factory rubber.  These also replace Transmission mounts on 915 and G50 equipped
cars.  Black mounts are 10% more rigid than OEM, the Blue "Sport" mounts are 30% more rigid than the
black mounts (40% more than stock).  Sold in pairs.
Rebel S Racing (RSR Products) Performance Engine / Transmission Mounts

Replaces Engine mounts on 65-89 911, all 930  (2 required per car)
Replaces 915 Transmission mounts on 72-86 911, 912E, all 914*   (2 required per car)

Features all the benefits of the semi-solid mounts listed above but also includes heavy duty aluminum
housing and superior quality Poly-Urethane inserts.  CNC machined from billet 6061 T-6 and anodized
our signature grey for great protection.  Simple and easy installation.  Sold individually.
*For 914 applications the 2 mounting holes must be slightly elongated prior to installation.
Pictured on car
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Andial Valve Spring Sets

Get race-proven motorsport quality with ANDIAL valve springs.  Now, using the very same ANDIAL engine
quality material.
  • Race-proven motorsport quality
  • Maximum lift for maximum performance and durability
  • Increased seat pressure for optimum performance
  • Higher natural frequency for high-rpm capability
  • Dual chamfering for less wear on seats and retainers
  • In-house SpinTron and Bosch dynamic testing
  • Available in standard and high lift applications
  • Easy installation with stock or Ti retainers--no machining required

High Performance Valve Spring Set   
High Lift / High Performance Valve Spring Set   $389
RSR Titanium Valve Spring Retainers

For all 911 and 930

  • Significant reduction in valve train mass reduces chance of valve float
  • Ultra light weight for high RPM operation
  • Made with aerospace quality 6AL4V alloy Titanium
  • Precision machined for optimum load distribution and incredible strength
  • Complete Set of 12   $250
Rebel S Racing (RSR Products) Center Mounted Oil Cooler Kit

Fits: 65-89 911, 914-6, 930.  With RS, RSR, IROC, 914-6 GT, or Ruf front bumper.

The addition of a front oil cooler mounted behind the bumper opening provides the most efficient and
lightweight form of oil cooling.  Allowing air to be directly forced through the front auxiliary cooler, just like
Porsche has used from the early 70's until current.  This setup provides superior cooling to the oil with less
weight, complication, or leaking fittings from multiple oil coolers, fittings, and lines.  For a serious track car
this modification is highly recommended.  Kit consists of (2) OEM Porsche braided lines and (1) Setrab 72
row multi-pass oil cooler with 7" x 22" cooling area.  The RSR front oil cooler deflection pan is highly
recommended with this cooler kit.
Porsche Factory Oil Thermostat 930 107 017 00

External; in Fender Well, for all Models w/ Front Cooler.
Provides proper opening of the lines for ideal cooler operation.

We strongly recommend this Genuine T-stat over aftermarket versions.  
Porsche Factory Oil Thermostat Insert Replacement 930 107 155 00

Replaces thermostat internals for thermostat listed above.  $48
Porsche Factory Oil Pump 911 107 008 05

Genuine Porsche Engine Oil Pump for all flat 6 Porsche engines.  This newer version of the
pump has larger capacities than some of the older pumps making it an ideal replacement.  
Well worth the investment when you consider the labor costs to replace a tired pump with
low oil pressure or the cost of a blown engine.
Suitable for race applications.  
Now Available:

- MFI fuel lines in translucent (RSR) and black with fittings new OEM
- Factory 914-6 Oil line kit
- 911 rear oil line relocation kit (moves hard lines from behind wheel to under
passenger side rear wheel well giving ultimate clearance for wider wheels)
Seat Pressure
Open Pressure
Max. Lift
Coil Bind
PV Spring Set
Dual Spring
55lbs. @36.50mm
High Lift PV
Spring Set
High Lift Dual
90lbs. @36.00mm
Sale Price:
RSR Front Oil Cooler Air Deflection Pan

A stamped and fabricated replica of the 1974 RSR and IROC RSR front air deflection duct.  This
sheet metal piece welds into the front trunk right behind the bumper.  It smoothly deflects air from
the front bumper mounted oil cooler under the car instead of at the vertical wall created by the stock
sheet metal.  Greatly decreases oil temperature as it makes the front oil cooler more efficient.
Stinger 911 Exhaust System

This stinger open exhaust system is designed to easily bolt on to the factory heat exchangers or SSI's, in
headers on 65 to 89 911’s, or with S pipes on short headers.
The merged pipes create a scavenging effect that increases both bottom end and mid range power and
torque.  This feature makes it an excellent alternative to megaphones, especially for tracks where gearing
is not ideal and that extra amount of low/mid range pull makes all the difference.
DW Design 914-6 Aluminum Oil Tank

  • Perfect for an OE replacement or for your 914-6 conversion.
  • Weighs in at a mere 5.5 lbs.
  • Larger oil capacity than the stock 914-6 tank.
  • Improved internal plumbing.
  • Tank includes OE oil in and oil out fittings + mounting hardware (mounts in stock
Early 911 Dipstick
These dipsticks are replicas of the factory NLA part equipped on early 911's.  Precision cut
from stainless steel and bent to exact specifications they provide a great alternative to the
hard to find factory units.  
Rebel S Racing (RSR Products) 901/911 Semi-Solid Transmission Mounts

Replaces 901 and 911 transmission mounts on 68-71 911/912

Manufactured from modern high performance and high temperature polyurethane.  Black mounts are
OEM hardness, Blue "Sport" mounts are 30% more rigid than the black or stock rubber mounts.  These
Semi-solid engine mounts are the perfect compromise between stock rubber and solid mounts.  The rigid
polyurethane construction makes them ideal for performance oriented cars but still allows absorption of
vibrations and noise associated with solid mounts. Greatly improves the shifting qualities of your car.
These are an excellent OEM replacement.  Installs in stock transmission mount hanger (not included)
replacing worn out and cracked factory rubber mounts.  
Sold in pairs.  Kit Completes one car.
Installed in stock
transmission hanger
Rebel S Racing (RSR Products) MFI Fuel Lines

Fits:  Any engine using Bosch MFI (mechanical fuel injection)

Complete set of (6) Genuine Porsche OEM MFI high pressure fuel delivery lines, as seen on
Porsche racing engines dating back to the 911R.  Our standard kit (pictured) fits all 6
cylinder engines with MFI.  Custom kits can be made upon request to your specific lengths
and style of fittings.  Available in natural/transparent (pictured) or black.  Specify color of
lines when ordering, default color shipped is natural/transparent.
DZ 935 Style Crankshaft Pulley

Fits all 911's & 930's from 1974 thru 1989

The stock Alternator Crank pulley on a 911/930 weighs 967 grams, our 935 style pulley weighs 272
direct replacement for your OEM 911/930 pulley. CNC machined from 7050 alloy with timing marks in the
factory locations: Z1, 5 degrees ATDC, 120 & 240 degrees for ignition timing settings( for Euro, and US
spec cars) and valve adjustments. It is also machined to accept a trigger wheel on the backside for your
current or future EFI system and is anodized gold to prevent corrosion.
RSR Flywheel 6 bolt
RSR Lightened Flywheel for 6 bolt crankshaft. Machined from steel billet it weighs 7 pounds, perfect compromise between stock and a full racing setup. These are great for all around sport applications.
RSR Flywheel for 9 bolt crank
RSR Lightened Flywheel for 9 bolt crankshaft. Machined from steel billet it weighs 7 pounds, perfect compromise between stock and a full racing setup. These are great for all around sport applications.
Dansk Sport Muffler

Classic 2 in 2 out sport muffer for 65-73 911.
911R, 911T/R, 906, 914-6 GT Rain Shields

Exact reproductions of the original units!  The 911 style has one flat top shield and one bent top
shield to clear the decklid on the passenger side.  914-6 style has flat topped shields on both
sides.  For use on Weber, Zenith, and PMO carbs.  Powder coated satin black, sold in pairs.   
Dansk GT3 Style Muffler

Dual 76mm diameter polished stainless steel GT3 style outlets.  Muffler is painted steel, outlets are
stainless steel.  Fits 65-73 911 or later with SSI style heat exchangers.
Hi-Torque Lightweight Starter

Fits 356(12v), 912, 911, 930

This unit is specifically designed for a Porsche application.  This is the high output (2.0kw) version of the
IMI-101.  Ideal for engines with high compression or using a conversion kit or engine swap.

Genuine Nippon Denso starter motor coupled to a patented design.  4.44 to 1 reduction.  Weighs only 8 lbs.