A look inside the technology used for our RSR bushing sets.  Check out this detailed
description of why Rebel S Racing chooses to use the best thermoplastic materials

Self-lubricating thermoplastic bushings do not suffer from any of the pitfalls of sintered bronze bearings,
because they are injection molded from a blend of thermoplastic materials, embedded reinforcing fibers
and solid lubricant.

The fiber reinforced materials maintain the bushing’s strength and resistance to high forces and edge
loads. The solid lubricants help to lower the coefficient of friction. Since the lubricant is embedded inside
millions of tiny chambers, it can not be pressed out. From these chambers, the plastic bushings release
tiny amounts of solid lubricant during movement.

Thermoplastic bushings have a low wear rate, superior chemical resistance to sintered bronze bearings,
and operate quietly. They are dirt, dust, UV, and corrosion resistant and have a high load capacity.

Plastic bushings are usually underestimated at high temperatures, yet short-term temperatures over
572° Fahrenheit and long-term temperatures of up to 482° Fahrenheit are possible.  Their dry-running
nature means dirt particles do not stick to the surface, but instead deflect off it. For this reason, optimal
performance can be maintained even in extremely dirty environments.

Overall benefits include:

Freedom from maintenance: Thermoplastic bushings can replace bronze, metal-backed and custom
injection-molded bearings in almost any application. Their resistance to dirt, dust and chemicals make
plastic bearings a 'fit-and-forget' solution.

No messy lubricants: Self-lubricating bearings transfer lubricant onto the shaft to help lower the
coefficient of friction and are impervious to dirt, dust or other contaminants.

Consistent coefficient of friction (COF): Plastic bearings are designed to maintain a low COF
consistently over the long lifetime of the bearing. Compared to metal-backed bearings, which can
become scratched and increase the COF, these plastic bearings will last longer.

Corrosion- and chemical resistance: Plastic bearings can be used in wash-down applications, salt
water and harsh chemicals without compromising performance. Water can even be considered as a
lubricant for plastic bearings.
Well tested and proven to work!
Six Flags Theme Park, located in California, is home to the "X" rollercoaster - the only one of its kind that
travels through four dimensions. This creates a unique sensation for riders who sit each side of the ride
rack and rotate independently of the ride vehicle.

A special component of the chassis, called the X-Bogie, enables the unique rotation of the seat on the X-
Trains. It has four wheels, which travel along the track and are attached to pivot housings responsible for
the suspension.

Loads induced on the vehicle components tax both the bearings and lubricants. Space restrictions also
make it difficult to lubricate or to perform any regular maintenance. Due to its complex design, the “X”-
Bogie requires a special bushing that is both lubrication- and maintenance-free. It also needs to be highly
flexible to achieve the vibration dampening essential for optimal performance.

These same thermoplastic bushings we use were chosen because they possess superior load
capabilities and zero maintenance compared to bronze bushings and also reduce surface pressure and
shaft wear.  Thermoplastic is a dry running and maintenance-free breakthrough in bushing technology,
this is why our bushing sets will last the life of your Porsche.