Porsche Parts For Sale
7R Fuchs made from genuine deep 6's.  These wheels were professionally widened to recreate the 7R Fuchs
found on the 911R.  All have been refinished in the traditional anodize with black webbing.  $sold.  Please email
for more pictures and information.
Porsche RSR Vintage Bilstein Front Strut Housings - Threaded body used on the 70's RSR's.  Includes lower
spring perches and lock rings.  Spindles are positioned 19mm (RSR spec) above stock 911 struts and gussets
added for strength.  Comes with Bilstein RSR valved shock inserts.  Sold.
RSR Bilstein front struts w/ spindles raised 19mm, gussets, full restoration, RSR bump steer kit, and coil over
kit.  These struts were used as "display" struts and were modified from a good used pair.  Shock inserts are
standard Bilstein HD units, optional re-valving is available.  Perfect for someone looking for coil overs.  $1450
911 ST Recaro Seats - These are genuine original Recaro racing buckets.  Professionally recovered in
the proper vintage Recaro material.  Original RECARO badges in great condidion.  Headrests are
included but not pictured.  sold
Genuine Porsche RSR Crankshaft.  Absolutely perfect condition!  Inspected, micropolished, and
magnaflux by CCR.  This crankshaft has the large fillets on the journals that were originally used with the
RSR titanium rods, for 6 bolt flywheel.  This is a genuine Porsche RSR crankshaft, not a modified early
70.4mm crank.  Contact us for specific pictures if needed.  $8500
Genuine 7R Fuchs 15x7's.  These are the real mccoy, from the rear of a 911R. Refinished by Al Reed in the
original anodize with black webbing.  (5) available, $2000 each.
Genuine OEM set of (4) RSR Fuchs wheels, rarest set of Fuchs ever made.  Front 9x15 inch, rear 11x15
inch, rear date stamped 9/73, front 1/77.  These wheels have seen very little use in their lifetime and it
refinished by Wheel Enhancement in exact period correct form.  Condition is 9 out of 10.  sold
Forged rockers and nitrited shafts.  Porsche used these rockers and shafts in their
906, 908, 910, RSR, 935, and 962 racing engines.  Very light weight when compared to
906, 908, 910, RSR, 935, and 962 racing engines.  Very light weight when compared to
is used but in excellent condition.  Please inquire for pricing or detailed pictures.  
adjustable rockers and provide a 1.5 valve lift ratio.  This set of rockers and shafts
Also note that there are only (11) rockers pictured, but this listing is for a complete
set of (12) rockers and (12) nitrited shafts.
901 / 911 Transmission Gear Sets

We have over 30 matched gear sets available for the 901 and 911 transmissions.  Most of them are NOS and
still in the original Porsche boxes or in near perfect condition.  In stock are A, AA, B, C, O, G, GA, GB, H, HB,
HA, I, Q, P, W, ZA, ZD, Z, J, K, L, M, N, S, T, X, V, U, Y, Z.

One pair of our RSR 935 style spring plates are being listed for a discounted price due to a flaw in the plating
process.  A complete set of 935 spring plates, includes everything listed in our suspension/steering product
listing.  This particular set contains one spring plate that came to us after nickel plating with a small flaw in the
plating process (shown in picture).  The flaw does not influence the structural integrity of the part, so it is
considered a cosmetic blem.  $650 for the complete 935 spring plate kit.